7 ways having a pet can benefit your health

                              When we think we are taking care of our pets, but really are they taking care of us?

Deciding which pet is best for you

Many times we will pick a pet off of looks especially if it’s a puppy they are so cute a cuddly you want to take them all home with you.  But the truth of the matter is picking the right pet for your family takes work. Will the pet fit in with the family once it grows up? If you have children is this pet child friendly? Do he/she need room to run and play outside? These are all things that we have to take into consideration when picking out the perfect pet for our family.

where do we find the perfect pet?

First and foremost I would suggest going to your local Humane Society to try and find your family pet because they are educated on all their animals and they can let you know if it is a special needs pet, how old the animal maybe (if it is an elderly animal it may be about to be put down, so you may even be able to save a life). Other places that sell pets are your local pet store there are a lot out there so be very careful of the one you pick to purchase your new family member. Here is our pick that we feel safe to contact is that they have many services at their location for whatever your pet may need.  https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore 

bringing that special pet home

YAAAY, now that we have done all the work and research on our new family member it is time to bring “fido” home. First things first before bringing your pet home make sure you already have things he/she will need like bedding, food, treats, toys, and depending on the breed whatever it may require. some of the places to help with that we feel would be https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore and https://www.chewy.com

welcoming your pet home

When you bring your pet home please remember this is his/her first time in a new place and it may take a few days for your pet to be comfortable around you and your home. Let your new family member sniff around, walk in every room, and give plenty of positive reinforcements. Do not rush your new pet into loving everyone on the first day home it will come in time as your pet feels the love they will show it in return. Congratulations on your new pet and we hope it is a very loving and fulfilling long life together.

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