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Caring for pets 101

caring for pets 101

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Easy Pet Care 101

Easy Pet Care can be very important to a pet’s life. So now let me tell you a  little about our background. We are staffed with people that just love animals of all breeds and sizes. We are not a store (yet) but we do like teaching what we know about the many different animals both domestic and wild. The greatest thing about what we do is that we help save animals that need help and we help those that may need help placing an animal to a safe location. If we don’t have an answer to your question you can best believe we are going to do everything in our power to search it out and notify you with the correct answer. 

Our staff is made up of animal lovers such as yourself, and when we have our monthly meeting we sometimes have furry little friends walking around the room to give their input on the subject at hand it is really a joy to see. We started out with just a few friends sitting around talking about their pets and the fun things and times they have and from there it seemed to have grown into a group that meets once a month sharing trick of the trade, or simple tips. 

We started out with the normal dog, cat owners and now have grown to horse, pig, donkey, lizards and the list goes on. In one of our meetings, someone suggested that we build a website to help others since we meet every month to help each other maybe we can be a help to even a bigger audience so here we are. So we hope you enjoy your time here on “Caring for Pets 101” and return often where we will be adding new things to the site each week.

Because we do realize we may not have all the anwers


The reason we all love our pets is they have now become a member of the family. And we only want the best for them. Professional pet care is very important to the well-being of all pets. Sometimes we may have to do some home pet care and find the most affordable pet care. So with that, we have put together what we feel are the best pet care websites.

(We have NO affiliation with the following websites, These are just OUR top 5 picks)

                                                  TOP 5 Dog Websites

                                                      TOP 5 Cat Websites

                                                  TOP 5 Farm Animal Websites

                                                    TOP 5 Exotic Pet Websites